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Nimdac Foundation Testimonials 27th, Sept, 2009

Dr. Asha,

Thank you for the very nice event tonight.
I know first hand that it takes a lot to ask, beg, borrow to put together an event like this. You have done this with great charm with a great strain on your personal time. What is most noble that you did not do it for yourself but for others. It takes a great amount of conviction and charitable spirit, to disregard what others think and do what is right. You have done this as a family enterprise with all members of your family showing exemplary support, which is a great lesson for us.

Pls accept my congratulations, and thank you for creating a forum and avenue for us to do our share.

Warm Regards

Vikram Khurana

Dear Asha,

Just wanted to take a quick moment to 'Thank you!' for making me and mum
part of your joy yesterday!
It was a fabulously arranged, organized event with a great cause and not to
miss...beautifully dressed hostess! of the evening...

Congratulations once again on the successful event.

Warm regards,
Host of Badhi Ho
Omni TV

Hi Dr. Seth

Thank you for a great evening last night, Joanne and I had a fantastic time.
Thank you again, I hope all is well with you.



Hi Asha & Arun,

You have done it again.  It was an amazing event.  Congratulations.

I am very proud of both of you.  Both of you continue to make a huge difference in the lives of everyone you touch.

Vim Kochhar, Chair
Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons
731 Runnymede Road
Toronto, Ontario  M6N 3V7

Hi Dr. Seth,

Congratulations on an exciting and wonderful event last night.  I had so much fun and the volunteers were definitely enthralled with all of the festivities throughout the night. Thank you so much for including the Heart and Stroke Foundation as your charity of choice this year. 


Jessica Chan Coordinator Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Dear Asha and Arun.

Congratulations on a very well org and orchestrated
evening. We hope that you were able to raise as much as u had hoped to, and
that the future will indeed be brighter and safer for everyone. Thank you
for having invited us.

Regards and best wishes,

Vidya & Jagdish

HI Asha,
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening on saturday. The event was really well put together and I wanted to thank you for involving me in it.
Have a wonderful day and thank you once again.



Dear Dr. Asha and Dr. Arun

Thank you so much for inviting me and my wife
It was great event and I really admire the courage and the efforts to put such a big event . It was great cause and it was well done
Thanks again

Vijay Jakhu and Promila Jakhu
Jakhu Inc.

Hi Asha,

Congratulations on a great function. You were great. You spoke well and looked amazing!  The entertainment was really good. Other then the small donation we showed support also by buying lots of raffle tickets.


Dear Asha,

Congratulations on a successful event and associated media coverage.  It was a pleasure to be involved.  If there is any additional coverage, pls let me know.



Congratulations to you both on another highly successful event. 



It was a wonderful evening. 
Thanks for inviting us.


Dear Dr. Seth,

Thank you for sharing the article in India Abroad.  I enjoyed the event and I appreciate everything you’re doing in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.  The NIMDAC Foundation dinner helped to bring significant attention to our work in the South Asian community, and the proceeds will help us continue to develop our important research and health promotion initiatives.  Events such as this are extremely important: the audience learns more about the issue and our research, what kind of changes they can make in their own lives, and how they can make an impact in the lives of others by supporting our work with a donation.As someone who has been tremendously successful in raising funds and awareness for a variety of organizations
Thank you again.  Your actions inspire others.

Warm regards,

Nimdac Foundation Testimonials 2008

Congratulations on your outstanding event last Saturday the 12th.

Both of you are masters and experts in handling all the details. Everything moved smoothly and enjoyably.

For me, it was a great honour and I am grateful to both of you for honouring me.

Fondest regards,
Vim Kochhar
The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP)

25th Great Valentine Galla honouring Paralympic medalists and Corporate Award Winners.

Special Tribute paid to Vim Kochhar Founder of the Great Valentine Gala.

Dear Drs. Seth,

Keith Gordon, Anne and I would like to thank and congratulate both of you for so gra-ciously welcoming us as your guests to a spectacular evening. It was an added pleas-ure to meet your daughter and grand daughter.

The honour you bestowed on The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Per-sons and it visionary leader, Vim Kochhar could not have been more appropriate for both the occasion and the ideals which the Foundation espouses.

I do hope that both of you will take some time to not only catch your breath but reflect on what you have accomplished in awareness and financial support to persons with disabilities.

I know that our paths will continue to cross.

Warm regards,
Jim Sanders, CNIB

Congratulations on the grand success of fundraising gala last night. Job well done and now you can relax, maybe a week in Cuba would be good!! You guys have worked hard and it was a wonderful function. Congratulations again.

Ranjit and Varinder
(Dr. Ranjit Rana is a past president of Nimdac)

Congratulations on doing a great job last night at the Gala, what a talented daughter you have! Your hard work has put Nimdac on a great footing,
With best wishes,

Saroj (Dr. S.D. Ram or Mrs. Anand)

Hello Dr. Seth. It was very nice speaking with you as well and again congratulations on organizing a hugely successful Gala.

Thank you.

L. Tina Sarellas
Vice President, Health Care Professionals
Personal and Commercial Financial Services
Royal Bank of Canada

NIMDAC raises funds for the disabled

Dear Dr. Seth,

I am the Manager for Dr. Ahluwalia and had the pleasure of participating in the annual NIMDAC dinner meet few weeks ago. First of all let me congratulate you for the grand success of the function and excellent organizing. Everything from start to end was worth admiring.

The speeches by the dignitaries including you were quite interesting and informative and so were the dance performances. The dance performance that took the breath away in particular was the Candle dance. Many thanks.

Shailav Mehta
BSA Diagnostic Imaging

Congratulations to you and the executive of NIMDAC on last night's grand event.

Devinder Sehgal (past president of Nimdac)

Hello Dr. Seth,

Your inaugural Gala was a wonderful experience for a worthwhile cause.
I hope the night was a success. My coverage will appear in the May issue of
Snapdowntown Toronto Magazine with photos as well.

Thanks again for including us.

Jody Glaser ~About Town

I just wanted to send you a brief note to express both my and Debra's thanks for the in-vitation to last Saturday's NIMDAC Gala.

NIMDAC is clearly a wonderful organization with very noble goals. You did an amazing job organizing a memorable evening. We enjoyed ourselves greatly.
Congratulations! Now is time for a break.

Murray Chitra is Chair, Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services in Toronto

Hello Dr. Seth:

Thank you very much for inviting Tom, Kim and me to attend the NIMDAC Gala on Sat-urday night! Congratulations on selling out the 700 seats AND getting both the Premier and the Lieutenant-Governor to attend! I am sure you raised a huge amount of money for the Canadian Association of Disabled Persons. I hope that today you are enjoying a well-earned rest.

I have copied this email to our new President, Amelia Cantos-Ellis. We will be in touch soon to arrange a date and time for you to meet Amelia!

Best wishes -


Barbara Sutton, B.A., CFRE
Vice President, Development
St. Joseph's Health Centre Foundation

Doctors raise $200,000 for the disabled

Dear Asha,

Thanks for the invitation to a wonderful event. We have been to many Galas, but this one clearly was amongst the top category.

You have done a great job organizing this and being part of this...seeing how busy you are. I will be writing on this and will send you a copy of the article.

Lots of love

Renu Mehta
Renu is Consulting Editor for Canada the Indian Express and (Divya Bhasker North American Edition)

Congratulations to you for the Job WELL DONE for the Friday event.
Kindest regards

Dr Gagan Bhalla, Orthodontist

Hi Asha and Arun,
Congratulations to both of you for the great NIMDAC gala evening on Saturday. Every-thing was very well organized and the entertainment part was superb. Your daughter Angie and Joanne did a wonderful job at the stage.

Mohan and Rani
Dr Mohan Parhar, Nimdac President, 2008.

Congratulations. It was an excellent function and very well attended. Kudos to you and Dr. Arun Seth for such a wonderful performance. I am looking forward to rest of the year with you as the General Secretary of NIMDAC

Dr Umesh Jain is a past president of Nimdac, Head of Urology at St Joseph Health Centre Toronto.

Dr. Seth:

As I said in my telephone call, both Barbara Hall and I were incredibly impressed with your Gala fundraising dinner last Saturday. It was an outstanding success.

We are big supporters of Vim Kochar and were pleased to see him recognized with your Lifetime Achievement Award. His work leading the Canadian Foundation of Physically Disabled Persons has helped build awareness of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities and to fund many worthwhile programs. Having his honour the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario David Onley and his wife, Premier Dalton McGuinty and many dis-tinguished guests only added to the evening.

Thank you again for organizing such and exceptional event.

Max Beck
Chief Executive Officer
Easter Seals Canada

Doctors unite for the disabled

Congratulations to you both on running a superb show!
Many thanks for bringing NIMDAC to a new height. You have made history, we are very proud of you.
Jagdish and Seema (Kimmy)

Jagdish Chopra MD
(Past President of Nimdac)

Dear Asha and Arun,

I am late in congratulating you for the most entertaining and elegant event you had on April 12th. My guests were in awe of your ability to organize such a large event, so suc-cessfully.

The food was served very uniquely, the entertainment was unusual especially the can-dle dance, and all in all, it portrayed the Indian community in a very good light.
Special thanks to you.

Take care and may God keep you in good health and happiness always

Dhun and Farokh Noria
Dr Dhun Noria is Chief of Pathologist at Scarborough Hospital


It was such a pleasure to be part of your event.
My colleague and GM – Justin Gosling enjoyed the evening as well.

We thank you for allowing us to join your noble efforts.We also thank you for your sup-port to Jet Airways with promoting our brand with your network in upcoming events.

If you need any assistance anytime – it will be our pleasure to of service.

With best personal regards

Ajay Tandon
Sales Manager - Canada
Jet Airways (India) Ltd

Congratulations on job well done....

Dr Bharat Chawla is a past president, Nimdac.

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